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Women's Hiking Tours
Join a group of kindred spirits and experience the beautiful landscapes, culture, cuisine and characters of Catalonia and Mallorca this autumn.
Hosted by Sally Paterson

A message from our hiking host in Mallorca and Catalonia, Sally Paterson…

If you stumbled upon this page, then I think you may enjoy the great outdoors almost as much as I do.

We all know that a good walk can lift the spirits in a way that other forms of exercise cannot. Yes, hiking definitely beats the gym and I would love it if you would come and join me on one of Bacchus’ next hiking adventures – experiencing dramatic scenery, breathing in lung fulls of fresh, clean air and taking time out of our busy lives to strengthen the body and mind and share friendship and laughter.

And of course after all that exercise, we can all enjoy a chilled glass of white wine and a plate of local delicacies on a terrace overlooking a set of jagged peaks that we have just bossed!


Explore Mallorca’s dramatic coastline and delicious cuisine


Hike from the mountains to the sea in Catalonia’s Empordà


Join the upcoming tours led by Sally in Mallorca and Catalonia

This year I am leading hikes in mainland Spain and Mallorca. Gathering together the best these regions have to offer, we have put together trips that deliver a good yomp – through valleys lined with olive trees, along craggy limestone ridges, high above the sparkling mediterranean sea, down to rocky coves and safely home to one of our carefully chosen hotels to enjoy the fruits of the land.

The inaugural trip took place in October in Empordá and it was everything I hoped it would be – apart from possibly the weather and a few errant chickens! A wonderful combination of girls embracing the great outdoors and enjoying some excellent food and wine.

All my groups are going to be girls only and you can come alone or bring a friend or two. I will be there hosting and leading the hikes in addition to a local guide, giving us an insider’s knowledge and the flexibility to lengthen or shorten the day’s hike as we need.

For more information about tour dates and details, please follow the links above.