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The E-Tape

Electric Bikes: Making The Inaccessible Accessible

The E-Tape

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The Etape du Tour – one of, if not the most coveted cyclosportives for non-professional cyclists. An epic encounter between man and mountain going into its 16th year in 2019, the chance for dedicated amateurs to live one day in the life of a Tour de France rider.

However, for many of our elder cycling community and armchair enthusiasts, the ship has sailed to ride in the Etape. Its dizzying climbs over mountain passes and unforgiving French topography require a superhuman effort that us mere mortals will only ever get to experience in a car.

Or perhaps not.

Let us introduce the e-bike, coined the ‘wheee!’ bike by some, so fun to ride that you can’t avoid grinning like the child you once were.

Electric bikes began to turn heads in 2016, though there has been slower uptake in the UK than with European neighbours Germany and Holland. In their fledgling years, they have been quickly dismissed as ‘cheating’ by so-called purists. “Nothing more than an eco-motorbike” they say.

Well, we say to heck with them. For those who haven’t tried it, what e-bikes do is give you a little bit of assistance on the flat, and they positively sail up any kind of incline. More than just making cycling fun, they make the inaccessible accessible.

John Deere (pictured above, far left) joined the Tour de Pirinexus in 2018 – a 3-day, 300km raid looping the Catalan Pyrenees and Costa Brava – with two dodgy knees and has never looked back.

Mountain climbs through the Alps and the Pyrenees, they are all within reach on an electric bike, and you can bet you’ll get their quicker than the purists. Using the different modes, from “eco” to “turbo,” you can test your endurance too.

For those overwhelmed by the thought of cycling on a traditional push bike, whether down to fitness or otherwise, the e-bike is the perfect way to ease yourself in. Comfortable, robust and designed for conversational hill climbing, we can’t recommend them more highly.

So without further gilding the lily, we would like to present the E-tape de España. The electric sibling of the Etape du Tour. Though it won’t be an official stage of the Tour de France, nor will it be in France, the E-tape aims to open up multi-day challenging rides to you on Bacchus’ stomping ground in Catalonia, the Pyrenees and the Sierra de Aracena in Andalusia.

It’s an opportunity to experience road cycling and mountain biking with the peace of mind that your lungs won’t blow up and your legs won’t cramp up.

We very much hope we’ll see you in E-spaña soon.

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